Hainan Express

A cozy outlet that features local delicacies, non-alcoholic cocktails, special coffee, tea and light snacks.

Business hours:
Daily 11am - 11pm

Nasi Talam

Come savour on our abundance local delicacy dish of Nasi Talam that consist of Daging Salai Masak Lemak, Ayam Goreng Berempah, Sotong Bakar Percik, Udang Goreng Kampong, Ulam-Ulaman, Telur Masin and fruit platter to complete the meal.

Price: RM76 for two (02) pax

Chinese Specialty

Indulge in our delicious Chinese Specialty set menu consisting of Kung Po Chicken, Beef Ginger, Buttered Prawn, Foo Yong Egg, Mixed Vegetables and fruit platter to complete the meal.

Price: RM76 for two (02) pax


Enjoy a flavoursome pizza with a variety of flavours to choose from Pepperoni Pizza, Chicken Aloha Pizza as well as house specialty, Spicy Beef Rendang and Beef Floss Pizza.

Price: RM37

Ais Kacang Stambung

Satisfy your sweet tooth craving with our take on Malaysian dessert of Ais Batu Campur (ABC). The word ‘stambung’ comes from the local Terrengganu dialect which means gigantic/massive. This special dish can be shared up to 3 to 4 pax.

Price: RM20

Beriani Lamb Shank Set

Fall-off the bone lamb shank and fragrant beriani rice with Ice Bandung.

RM76 for two (02) pax

Oxtail Asam Pedas Clay Pot Set

Savoury asam pedas paired with fragrant white rice and fish crackers.

RM39 per portion

Kerabu Prawn Salad

A tangy hit of local side dish.

RM25 per portion

Fresh Fruits Ice Kacang Stambung

Flavourful thin-shaved ice topped with mixed fresh fruits and ice creams.

RM25 per portion

Pandan Sago Gula Melaka

Chilled sago pudding  with coconut milk and gula melaka syrup drizzle.

RM18 per portion