6 Things To Do When Visiting Kijal, Terengganu

When visiting the East Coast, the pristine beaches of Cherating or Redang are what come to the minds of many. Not many know that the East Coast holds a hidden gem in the town of Kijal – where the laidback beachside lifestyle is embedded into the way of life of the locals here. Here are six things that you can do when you visit Kijal, Terengganu.

1. Sunbathe on sandy beaches

Take a scenic drive to Monica Bay, otherwise known as Telok Mak Nik. This public beach is popular amongst families and friend groups, as the beach here is dotted with shady trees which are perfect for camping or having a picnic. 

At Penunjuk Beach, there are various rock formations that make the perfect backdrop for amazing photos. If you’re lucky, you may even see the colourful fishermen's boats docked here!

Want to have a sense of privacy while you frolic by the beach? Resorts World Kijal has its own private beach for in-house guests!

2. Go on a food tour at Kijal & Kemaman

A trip to the East Coast isn’t complete without trying out the local delicacies! The township of Kijal and its vicinity is famous for its seafood dishes and traditional Malay dishes – from stuffed crab to keropok lekor (fish crackers), and not forgetting ikan bakar (grilled fish) as well!

A 30-minute drive from Resorts World Kijal is the township of Kemaman, where you can feast upon the town’s speciality of stuffed crab – a serving of crab meat and herbs with a crispy crust at Restaurant Tong Juan.

To get a taste of the best ikan bakar, head over to Kerteh. Here, you’ll find Laguna Ikan Bakar, a restaurant by the beach that’s renowned for its grilled fish.

(steamed rice in bamboo) and keropok lekor are specialities of Kijal, and you can find these dishes by any roadside stall or within our resort. Dine at Restoran Kampong Meraga Beris, located on the lobby floor of our resort, to sample a buffet selection of the best local delights under one roof that is served atop a sampan. 

3. Watch the sunrise over the horizon

Waking up early when you’re on holiday may be a feat too much for some, but when you’re on a holiday by the East Coast, it’ll be a shame to not watch the sunrise over the horizon.

For adventurers, wake up before the break of dawn to climb atop Bukit Harimau Menangis which is located a short 10-minute drive away from Resorts World Kijal. The 3.1km trail is fairly easy to walk and takes approximately 1 – 2 hours to complete the loop.

Not keen on breaking out in a sweat before daybreak? When you book a Premier Room with Sea View with us, you’ll be able to see the sunrise from the comfort of your own room.

4. Visit traditional fishing villages


Kampung Pantai Kemasik is home to many local fishermen. The 12-minute drive from Resorts World Kijal is rather scenic, but knowing you’ll be able to purchase seafood, dried seafood and also keropok lekor at affordable prices is what excites many. Snap some photos of the colourful fishermen boats, and don’t forget to snag some goodies as souvenirs here! 

5. Spot turtles nesting


Between the months of April and September, turtles will return to the beaches of Terengganu to nest. Green turtles are a common sight, with the occasional rare chance of spotting a hawksbill turtle. Staying at Resorts World Kijal has its perks, as our private beach is the only turtle landing area within a resort!

6. Stay by a family-friendly beachside resort

A relaxing trip to the East Coast calls for a beachside resort with family-friendly amenities, making Resorts World Kijal the place to be! 


As the only beachside resort in Kijal, there are plenty of facilities to keep you entertained during your visit here – from Oasis Beach Bistro, a beachside bar serving up delicious western cuisine, to our life-sized chess, snakes and ladders game boards.

Resorts World Kijal is a tropical retreat for all offering a breathtaking ocean landscape that is sure to rejuvenate the soul, mind and body. Plan your retreat with us today!